Preschool is a WIN for children.  Young children today actually have a greater need for many of the abilities a quality preschool can foster.  With limited family time and so much virtual reality around, children have a greater need for an environment that will help them develop skills that don’t exist in a I-pad.  A good preschool provides much more than academic knowledge.  It provides a safe, nurturing, fun environment where a child can build skills in communication, social relationships, emotional growth, and hands on learning.

An inter-generational preschool is a WIN*WIN* situation.  Simply bringing children into a senior care center can brighten the resident’s lives there.  Testimonials show that even those seniors who have limited communication skills respond with smiles when they see the children, will get out of bed to see the children and will engage in more activities when involved with the children.  Children have a natural ability to interact freely with all including those who are elderly or disabled.  A preschool environment that engages that natural ability is likely to secure such an unbiased, compassionate attitude as a lifetime personality trait.

Circle of Our Lives Preschool can be a WIN*WIN*WIN* situation as seniors have an opportunity to teach and tutor the children.  Seniors with little to do are given meaningful opportunities where they can serve, tutor, and share life experiences.  COOL Preschool has a curriculum based on classic songs and stories that have endured for generations. Seniors often reminisce about their own childhood memories as they recognize melodies. By sharing this cultural heritage, the generations are linked.  Children benefit for a positive, tutor and mentor in the young lives.

Jayne Corbett


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We are organized to set up throughout the Sale Lake County, Utah in existing senior living centers.  Help bring this to your neighborhood.