Welcome to COOL Preschool!


We are pleased you are part of our team.  Our vision is that COOL Preschool will give children an outstanding preschool experience with many caring adults some of which are seniors.  We are grateful to the families, host sites and older adults who make this possible.  Through this experience children will not just have songs, games, letters, and numbers but also opportunities for service and friendly relationships.  Our curriculum emphasizes classics that bridge generations.

We hold to the following values: Optimism, Creativity, Achievement, Individuality, Safety, and Partnership

Admission requires a non-refundable tuition payment ahead of time and completed registration forms.

We will always have a teacher student ratio 1:6 and usually 1:4 not even counting the help we are receiving from additional older adults.  We would love all the feedback we can get. 


Our preschool sessions begin at 9:15 am and go until 11:45 am.  Please be prompt on these drop off and pick up times so that we can do all the fun activities we have planned.  This is done at the front door of the facility.  Students should only be left with the COOL preschool teacher stationed at the doors and not with any other adults or staff from the hosting facility.  If you arrive beyond the arrival time and no teacher is at the doors you need to park and the receptionist will direct you to the teacher.  You must remain with your child until you have connected with the teacher.  If you come to pick up a child more than 10 minutes late, you will be asked to pay a $10 fee.


The registration forms include your signed statement that you will not bring you child to school ill.  There is no refund of tuition if a sessions is missed but tuition costs are low.  It is as if you are expected to miss a session due to illness.  If your child makes it healthy to all sessions count that as getting a free bonus session.  If the teacher detects any illness with your child, you will be asked to come and get them.  We do not want common childhood illnesses to plague our vulnerable older adults. 


Registration forms include a statement that your child is current with the immunizations.


Registration form include your signed statement allowing us to photograph your child.  COOL Preschool is beginning an ongoing campaign to make preschool in a supportive environment of senior friends a common practice.  Pictures of children will be shared in our fundraising and growth endeavors.  Names of children will never be noted with the pictures.

Jayne Corbett


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We are organized to set up throughout the Sale Lake County, Utah in existing senior living centers.  Help bring this to your neighborhood.