Things your Preschooler NEEDS to Know

October 10, 2018

Many ask what does your preschool teach?  Preschool years are known to be the premier time for children to learn.  This learning is primarily that of a emotional mind set in addition to a secondary skill set.  It is first of all their world view.  So when you pick a preschool, parents should think about who they want that child to be.  How do you want them to feel and how do you want them to view the world? What attitude can they develop for success?  Academics come EASILY to those EMOTIONALLY ready to learn. The goals of preschool are not a list about the colors, shapes, letters, numbers that your child should have learned by the time they enter the academic world. The goals should be a list of character traits that will help them BE the people they are destined to be.


1. They are loved by you, no matter what.


There are adults around to talk to you, to share their happiness, joys, concerns and wonders.


2. They are creators.

The world is theirs to discover. They are unique and thus they will see things and discover things differently than anyone else on earth. 


3. They can be kind and strong.


When they choose to be kind they will always feel good. They wont have control over other actions but when they choose to be good and kind, it shows their strength and can help others be strong too. 


We feel such character traits can naturally develop in an inter generational preschool.  




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