Jayne Corbett

Program Administrator - Teacher

Miss Jayne is a licensed Utah educator k-8.  She spent over a decade teaching her own children in preschool.  She also taught 4 years of kindergarten.  She has completed the National Institute of Child Care Management Credential Program for Childcare Administration.

LaVon Driggs

Advisor- Teacher

Known to her students as Miss Joy, LaVon has a wealth of enthusiasm and experience.  She taught in the first COOL Preschool trial and now continues in an advisory postition/

Autumn Teehan


Autumn is a doer who can get things done.  She has a great love for children and seniors.  After her children participated in the first summer trial of COOL Preschool, she taught herself for the summer class of 2017. 

Jayne Corbett


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We are organized to set up throughout the Sale Lake County, Utah in existing senior living centers.  Help bring this to your neighborhood.